Street Fight - Got Bots? Interview with Pingup

Street Fight features Pingup Booking API for Bots

Street Fight has published an article, written by Rick Robinson, that covers Pingup’s solutions for powering conversational commerce. The piece includes an interview with Pingup CEO Mark Slater. “Backed by patents that relate to conversational commerce, Pingup is bringing its API-powered live booking capability to “a broader range of leading-edge consumer interfaces and platforms,” the company

From Ads to APIs to (Book Now) Buttons

Our good friends at Button recently published a great article titled “The Evolution Of Mobile Commerce: From Ads to APIs to Buttons“. Pingup is very keen on the key messages in this piece. Here are a few notable passages. “Rather than focusing primarily on pull-advertising based tactics, today’s leading mobile commerce services build marketing directly into their products

Pingup on the evolution of search

The Evolution of Search

  Search engines have changed a lot since the earliest iterations surfaced close to 20 years ago. As the technology has improved, we’ve witnessed a progression from manual site submissions and an inability to use natural language queries, to complex algorithms that control the way sites are crawled and how search results are returned. However,

Mobile payments illustration

Reducing Friction in the Path to Purchase

To merchants across all categories, it is no secret that decreasing the amount of friction experienced by consumers looking to make a purchase will have a positive effect on sales. This tenet has been evident since the introduction of the first credit card in 1950, as many business owners have since realized that the fees

BookNow by Pingup for iOS

Booking API Showcase App, BookNow, gets Updated to Version 2.0

We recently released version 2.0 of our booking API showcase app, BookNow by Pingup for iOS. This latest version represents a major redesign, and was built from the ground up to show off the growing number of businesses available for booking in our API network. This release features major UI enhancements and a streamlined booking process to act as a guidepost

Large Companies Getting Involved in Local

Prior to the internet age, consumers had to rely on unwieldy directory books in order to search for or discover local businesses. Local businesses were similarly constrained in their resources, as they had limited options for scheduling appointments with customers and placing ads in relevant, highly-trafficked locations. Today, both consumers and businesses have it much

The Growth of Mobile Apps and the Impact on SMBs

Throughout the lifecycle of the internet, there have been a vast number of changes in the way users interact with and access it. We have witnessed a progression from dial-up modems, to cable modems, to wireless routers. Similarly, we saw users connecting via desktop computers, then laptops, and finally mobile phones and tablets. Despite all