How can my business be bookable on Facebook?

Did you know there’s over 2.07 billion active Facebook users monthly?1 A few weeks ago, we mentioned how important it is to be bookable on Google. It’s just as important to be thinking about how to make your business successful on Facebook. Many consumers visit Facebook multiple times every day, sharing experiences with friends and

Pingup on the evolution of search

The Evolution of Search

  Search engines have changed a lot since the earliest iterations surfaced close to 20 years ago. As the technology has improved, we’ve witnessed a progression from manual site submissions and an inability to use natural language queries, to complex algorithms that control the way sites are crawled and how search results are returned. However,

Large Companies Getting Involved in Local

Prior to the internet age, consumers had to rely on unwieldy directory books in order to search for or discover local businesses. Local businesses were similarly constrained in their resources, as they had limited options for scheduling appointments with customers and placing ads in relevant, highly-trafficked locations. Today, both consumers and businesses have it much