State of Digital Marketing 2018

So much to do, but where do I start. We here at Pingup believe that the state of digital marketing has never been more favorable for small and medium business. For years, the big companies were the only ones who had access to massive amounts of data, both first party and third party data. Recently,

Large Companies Getting Involved in Local

Prior to the internet age, consumers had to rely on unwieldy directory books in order to search for or discover local businesses. Local businesses were similarly constrained in their resources, as they had limited options for scheduling appointments with customers and placing ads in relevant, highly-trafficked locations. Today, both consumers and businesses have it much

The Growth of Mobile Apps and the Impact on SMBs

Throughout the lifecycle of the internet, there have been a vast number of changes in the way users interact with and access it. We have witnessed a progression from dial-up modems, to cable modems, to wireless routers. Similarly, we saw users connecting via desktop computers, then laptops, and finally mobile phones and tablets. Despite all

Book Now is like Buy Now

Why the “Book” Button is the New Click-To-Buy

When eCommerce began to gain popularity in the 1990s, click-to-buy functionality was revolutionary for the retail economy. The ability to make purchases by simply clicking a button created a new revenue opportunity that countless brands, department stores, and online merchants have since eagerly latched onto as a key method for completing sales transactions. Business aggregators