Artificial Intelligence Meets Local Service Transactions

The only aggregated scheduling and ordering API that powers real-time transactions for: Bots, Messaging, Voice and AI Applications


The Local Chatbot Disruption:
The Upcoming Collision between Messaging and Local

Chatbot with access to over 100,000 restaurants for ordering food delivery or pickup.

Use Cases for Pingup API with Bots and other AI

Consumer Messaging

Workgroup Messaging

Intelligent Personal Assistant

Pingup is the API for AI

The API for AI

Pingup’s API is uniquely positioned to be the only method for a bot or other AI to facilitate a fully-programmatic (no human needed) local services scheduling or ordering transaction in real-time.

Our API technology is already powering booking and ordering transactions on leading consumer publishers such as Bing, Yahoo, YP and more.

Pingup is bringing its API-powered live transacting capability to a broad range of leading-edge consumer interfaces and platforms. Pingup-powered bots can allow consumers to book appointments, schedule services, order food or reserve classes in real-time with tens of thousands of local businesses across the US.

Pingup is the only aggregated API of live, transactable local busineses that has the capability of powering scheduling and ordering across new AI, messaging and bot platforms – TODAY.

“Backed by patents that relate to conversational commerce, Pingup is bringing its API-powered live booking capability to “a broader range of leading-edge consumer interfaces and platforms,” the company has said. This means “Pingup-powered bots” (across new AI, messaging and bot platforms) will give consumers the power to book and confirm appointments in real time with “tens of thousands of local businesses across the U.S.”

Pingup Powers Invisible and Conversational Apps

2016 will be the year of conversational commerce.

Chris Messina – Uber

Obvious WhatsApp-for-business use cases could include booking appointments or getting questions answered—the sort of thing that still requires a phone call in many cases today. Other startups, such as Pingup … have specialized in offering those sorts of interactions with businesses over messaging.

Kyle Alspach – DC Inno

Pingup Patents Have Conversational Commerce Covered…

…These communication options can be initiated within the dedicated application and include chatting via text within the dedicated application, initiating a telephone call, and using a robot to make a payment or to make a booking…

Fig. 46. U.S. Patent: #8,965,976

Pingup holds the following technology patents:

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