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Pingup Extends Reach With New Bing Integration

Online scheduling and ordering platforms have been quietly picking up steam as local merchant adoption rates climb, but the

How Pingup’s Quick Pivot Helped Drive Today’s Impressive Growth

You don’t need me to tell you that the on-demand economy has taken off – and all signs point

How Pingup’s Quick Pivot Helped Drive Today’s Impressive Growth

Pingup is a Boston-based transaction platform for local businesses that lets consumers schedule services and order food directly from

Millennials more accepting of chatbots than previously thought: report

Millennial consumers’ bulwarks against chatbots seem to be weakening, with nearly 55 percent claiming to have positive experiences with

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Pingup Delivers Real Time Appointment Booking to Millions of Consumers

Pingup Grows Local Transaction Platform to Cover Nearly 40% of US Search Activity

Pingup reports exceptional Q3 results and expanded Boston team

Leading aggregation platform for local service transactions delivering over 10x growth across key metrics

Over Half of Millennials Would Use Chatbots to Take Action on Local Services

Pingup Survey Reveals Chatbot Interest and Usage across Facebook Messenger, Kik, WeChat and Slack Users.

Pingup Launches Local Commerce Transactions on Facebook Pages

Integration enables consumers to seamlessly schedule services with local businesses. Pingup, the leading local services transaction platform with access

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