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You may have already tried several traditional salon promotion ideas at your hair salon. Or maybe you’re a new business owner. Either way, you probably don’t have a lot of time to plan an elaborate salon promotion. That’s why we gathered a few top hair salon promotion ideas to help you capture more customers online!

1 – Get your salon listed online.

If people can’t find your salon online, you’re missing out on new customers. It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but making your business visible on search engines is a form of promotion. You want your business to be seen every time someone searches to get a haircut nearby. Think about how important it was to be included in a phone book. Thankfully, it’s easy to list your salon on the major search engines and directories.

2 – Your visual identity online matters.

When a new customer walks into your salon, how do you want them to feel? You want to make a good first impression, right? Just like how you created a welcoming waiting area at your salon, you should add photos online that encourage customers to visit. Once you create listings for your business, add photos of your interior and examples of haircuts or other services. If you’re a Pingup subscriber, you will also want to add a logo and photo to your booking webpage.

3 – Get more online testimonials.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.1 If your salon has no online reviews, it will look untrustworthy compared to your competition. If your salon is new, it can take time to build up a relationship with customers. You can quickly increase your online reviews with a friendly suggestion at the end of each haircut. Another idea is to send a short email with links to top online review sites. Make sure to include links to your Google listing, Yelp profile, and Facebook business page.

4 – Add in-store deals to your online salon listings.

Did you know that you can feature your salon promotions on your online business listings? It’s true! Adding a promotion to your listing makes it stand out. It can also encourage new customers to book an appointment. It’s easy to add a post on your Google listing or a hair promotion on your Bing Places listing.

5 – Share content on social media.

Don’t be daunted by the number of social media networks. You don’t have to post everywhere to reach new and existing customers. Many salons find that Facebook and Instagram are the most effective channels for social media marketing. You can share your salon promotions, hair treatment tips, hairstyle trends, and more. You should also encourage customers to share photos of their amazing haircuts. Make sure to ask customers to mention your salon when they share photos.

6 – Start collecting customer email addresses.

It’s never too early to start building an email list for email marketing. You can email reminders to customers who haven’t booked an appointment recently. You can share a hair promotion or styling deal. And you’ll definitely want to thank customers for choosing your salon after their appointment! Email marketing is one of the easiest salon promotion ideas.

Have you tried some of these salon promotion ideas? Do you have another digital marketing tactic that works? Let us know in the comments below!


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