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Don’t sleep on the competition! At the beginning of 2018, the default search engine for all Microsoft products, Bing, was used for 23% of US daily searches, coming in second behind internet giant Google. This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about listings as a free and effective marketing tool, so you know how important it is to add your business to Bing to bring new business in.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and create a Bing listing for your business for FREE!

Read on for a full step by step tutorial and add your business to Bing ↓


Head over to the Bing Places website and click on “Sign in” on the top left hand of the page to start to create a Bing listing.


Microsoft allows you to sign in several different ways, including your Google or Facebook account. You are welcome to use whatever works best for you. Pick something that you will remember! After you make your choice, a small authorization pop up will launch and you will be taken to a home page to begin.


To get started, Bing will ask you to first search for an existing listing. Fill in the relevant information asked for, such as your business size, the country you are in, and the phone number or business name and location, then click search.

If you already have a Google My Business listing ( maybe you followed the tutorial we posted ), you can try and import that data into Bing and skip some of the following steps to create a Bing listing.


If Bing doesn’t have record of your business in their maps system, you will see that the search turned up no results. That’s fine! You can create a new listing by clicking on the “create new business” button and add your business to Bing.


As you fill in the business details on the left hand side, don’t forget to indicate that you do not want your address displayed if you do not have a physical location. This would be fitting if you are a painter, landscaper, mobile massage therapist, or any business owner who travels to their customers to deliver services.


Continue to follow the category information prompts on the next page, and feel free to fill in a business description if wish!


Next, enter your business contact details. Only a phone number is required, but the more you fill in the better your listing will look and feel to potential customers.


A picture is worth a thousand words when you add your business to Bing! Upload photos to give those finding your business a sense of your vibe and what you offer.


When you set hours of operations, you ensure accuracy! Nothing is worse than an angry customer who saw the incorrect hours of operation on your business listing.


Here, you have an option to add a menu or order URL that will send a customer to your website. With a Pingup Bookable subscription, we automatically add the menu URL to your listing. But if you are a restaurant or catering company, the order URL is your best bet! You can also choose a price range for your services, much like what a customer would see on Yelp.


Lastly, verification will be required to create a Bing listing for your business. No one will see all of the hard work that you put into your business listing until you have received your pin number from Bing, either via text email or regular mail, and completed the verification process.


When you receive the pin, return to Bing Places and sign in using the method used in Step 1. All you need it do is enter that pin, and then your business listing is LIVE! When searching for your type of business or business name, customers will see a beautiful complete listing. If you’re a Pingup subscriber, they’ll also see a booking button to instantly request your services. Not a customer yet? Reach out to learn more!

List Your Business on Bing?
Add Instant Customer Requests with Pingup

Now, it’s time to think about adding Pingup Bookable to all of your search engine and local directory listings. Pingup enables customers to request your services directly from local search engines and directories. Learn how you can get started today!

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