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Did you know that Facebook has 1.45 billion daily active users? 60 million businesses know exactly how important it is to add your business to Facebook. When you put your business on Facebook, you reach the people who use Facebook every day. If you want to join them, you need to create a Facebook page for your business. And guess what? It’s free and easy to do!

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Read on for a full step by step tutorial and add your business to Facebook ↓


Let’s put your business on Facebook. Visit this link to start adding your business to Facebook. A business profile on Facebook is called a ‘page’. When you’re ready to create a Facebook page for your business, visit the link above and find where it says ‘Business or Brand’ and click the ‘Get Started’ button underneath.

Note: If you don’t have a personal Facebook account yet, you will need to create one before you can add your business to Facebook. You need a personal Facebook account to manage and edit your business information on Facebook.


Click where it says ‘Name Your Page’. This is where you want to type your business name to add your business to Facebook. When you create a Facebook page for your business, you want the name of it to match your business name so that existing customers can easily find your information.


Now, click below where it says ‘Add a category…’ and start typing a category that you think best describes your business. You should see a list of similar category suggestions appear below where you are typing. Click on whichever of these suggestions best describes your business.

When you’re done, click the blue ‘Continue’ button at the bottom.


You should now see options for adding your business address. When you put your business on Facebook, it shows up in local results, which is why your location is so important. Go ahead and fill that in and optionally add a phone number at which customers can reach you.

If you’re a service area business, you can use your home address and then click the checkbox for ‘Don’t show my address’.


The next two steps help you customize your business page on Facebook with a profile and header image. These steps are optional, and you can always return to your Facebook page later to complete them. We definitely recommend that you add these two important images as soon as you can!

If you have an image, go ahead and click on ‘Upload a Profile Picture’.  Profile pictures appear in the top left corner of your business page and they appear in search results on Facebook. We recommend using your logo. Ideally you want to use a square image that’s 170×170 pixels.


The second most important image on your business page is the cover photo. This image is large and shown at the top of your business page. We recommend a photo of the interior of your business, or a photo that shows one of your services. You can try uploading any photo and Facebook will help you crop it to size. Or you can create a JPG that is 851×315 pixels.


Give yourself a pat on the back! You put your business on Facebook! When people search for local businesses on Facebook, they will see your business listed in the results. That means that you’ve increased the chances that your business will be found online! And you’re helping new customers discover your business!

Facebook is one of the most important places to list your business, and it’s easy to create a Facebook page for your business. But there are many other search engines and local directories that people use to find business information online. Check out our instructions for listing your business on the top websites.

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