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Today, most people search online first to find local business information. Local phonebook directories are no longer the most popular source of local business information. Instead, people go online to find directions, locate phone numbers, read customer reviews and more. Search engines gather the important information about a local business in one spot. This is called an online business listing.

What is an online business listing?

An online business listing is an online representation of business information.  Business listings are used by online search engines and local directories to help customers quickly find local business information.

The business listing is an online profile that includes basic information like business address, phone number, website, photos and customer reviews. They are the modern version of the business information printed in a phone book or local business directory.

An online business listing is different from regular search results. Search for your business online. Does your business information appear within the list of results? That doesn’t mean that you have a business listing. 

Most of the time, search engines feature a business listing in a more important location. Often a business listing appears as a large box next to search results or in a list near the top of search results. This prominent placement makes it more likely that people will notice it.

Here are a few examples of online business listings:

Business Listing on Google
Business Listing on Bing

How do I create an online business listing?

If you’re a business owner, you need to make sure that your business is included in online search results. To guarantee people can find your business information, you should create online business listings on all of the top search engines and directories.

It’s easy to create your online business listings! We have tutorials that explain how to create business listings on websites like Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Recently started your business? You should immediately create a listing with Google My Business and build a Facebook business page. You can start your online presence on these two major sources for local business information in as little as 5 minutes.

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Get Help Listing Your Business in Local Search Engines and Directories

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