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So much to do, but where do I start.

We here at Pingup believe that the state of digital marketing has never been more favorable for small and medium business. For years, the big companies were the only ones who had access to massive amounts of data, both first party and third party data. Recently, evolving platforms have democratized the data and the tools to help SMBs. While there is so much to discuss, from retargeting to structured snippet extensions, we are going to focus this article on search.

Search is Here to Stay    

I’ve spent a lot of time studying and spending and optimizing for search. I‘ve watched it evolve into the best tool for consumers to find what they want online. As a tool for marketers, it’s ever improving. Search results (aka SERP: Search Engine Results Page), have evolved with consumer wants and needs to focus on Local Search Local Search. In the very beginning, Local Search 1.0 only included basic business information; name / address / phone number and hours of operation. Local Search 2.0 added rich data and enhanced listings with pictures, reviews, menus, maps, etc. Now, Local Search 3.0 has introduced the Knowledge Graph and Call to Action Buttons. While search evolved as a tool for consumers, it also created the perfect platform to capture consumer intent at the point of initiation.   

Small and Medium Businesses Need to Heed the 80/30 Rule

This study from Google suggests that 80% of consumers go to a search engine when looking for a local business. Of those, 33% said that they were looking for that business to plan/book an activity. It is imperative that businesses are listed accurately across as many search engines as possible. We’ve built a handy guide to make sure that you are properly listed across sites like Bing, Google, Yahoo and more. There are also lots of services available that will do the work for you.


There are a lot of great tools on the market that can help SMBs grow their business. Search is a great tool to attract new customers and make it easy for existing customers to connect with you. First, make sure that you are listed across the search engines and that the listing data is accurate. Then, look into Call to Action buttons to make it easy for customers to book, request quotes or ask for meetings with you.

Find New Customers &
Increase Online Bookings

Pingup helps you attract new customers from online search results by adding a booking button to your online business listings.

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