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Did you know there’s over 2.07 billion active Facebook users monthly?1

A few weeks ago, we mentioned how important it is to be bookable on Google. It’s just as important to be thinking about how to make your business successful on Facebook.

Many consumers visit Facebook multiple times every day, sharing experiences with friends and searching for local business information. When potential customers search for your business on Facebook, can they find you? Can they book an appointment with you? Can they recommend your business to their friends?

With a Pingup Bookable subscription, you get a booking link that you can use on your Facebook business page. When you add this ‘Book Now’ button for your business on Facebook, one click will send visitors to your Pingup booking page. That makes your business bookable directly from Facebook, no phone call needed, giving you an edge over other businesses.

Once you have a booking link, it only takes a few minutes to add a booking button to your Facebook business page. Don’t know how to get started? Let customer success know you need some help. Pingup has free personalized support to help you make your business bookable everywhere.

1 Facebook

Are you a Bookable customer and just need some help? Is this your first time learning about Bookable? We are here to help. Reach out to book some time with the Pingup customer success team to learn how to get more customers with a Pingup Bookable.

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