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When you need local business information, where do you look first?

You probably start with an online search. A comScore 2015 study found that 81% of people use search engines and directories as their primary source of local business information. A third of people, who are looking for local business information online, want to book an activity.

What does this mean for businesses who accept appointments?

Your business needs to be represented and bookable in online search results. How to get started? You should double check that your business profiles are claimed and accurate across search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It’s important that your business address, phone number and hours are correct when people search for your business online.

If your business information is correct, the second most important thing you need to do is show that your business is ready to accept customer appointments. A Pingup Bookable subscription can help your business be bookable everywhere that matters. If you want even more ideas, check out these tips for making your business more accessible online.

To learn more interesting statistics about online search traffic, take a look at our infographic below:


Infographic Online Search for Local Business Information

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