Book Now is like Buy Now

Why the “Book” Button is the New Click-To-Buy

When eCommerce began to gain popularity in the 1990s, click-to-buy functionality was revolutionary for the retail economy. The ability to make purchases by simply clicking a button created a new revenue opportunity that countless brands, department stores, and online merchants have since eagerly latched onto as a key method for completing sales transactions. Business aggregators

Understanding The API Economy

Think for a moment about how you rely on your senses to evaluate your surroundings. Say for example you come into contact with an apple — your eyes provide you with the first crucial piece of information, letting you know that the object in front of you is red and spherical. Then, as you reach

#SBW2014 National Small Business Week

How SMBs Can Maximize on Mobile

In honor of National Small Business Week, we wanted to focus on ways small and medium sized businesses can best leverage technology to adapt to the digital age and maximize their customer reach.  Over the past several years, consumers have become increasingly dependent on their mobile devices. ComScore found that Americans now spend more time

The Value of Reviews in Driving Intent to Purchase

Local search is becoming an increasingly popular factor for consumers when deciding on where to direct their business, leaving small and medium-sized establishments scrambling to find ways to ensure they are appearing in as many relevant queries as possible. Between SEO, social media, and mobile advertising, there are a number of tactics business owners can

Pingup Releases Industry’s First Mobile API for Real-Time Appointment Booking

Enables Business Listings, Directories and Software Providers to Immediately Capture Consumers’ Intent to Purchase Boston – May 7, 2014 – Creating an entirely new e-commerce layer, Pingup today announced the industry’s first mobile API that enables directories and software providers to easily add booking capabilities to business listings. Pingup represents the largest aggregated network of